3D Gameplaypatch for Fifa Manager 2010/ Fußballmanager 2010
   Total Club Manager 2010/ LFP Manager 2010




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          Version III Update 06.02.2010 9:00
    This patch is not compatible with update 2 and update 3.

You have to install the patch to the main folder of Fifa Manager

The installer makes a copy of the original config.big. When you will deinstall the patch you can play the original 3D again.

You can continue without restarting your game. You don't have to reinstall any patch !!
With the last version many bugs in 3D were solved to have the most realistic and best gameplay.
Gepardpatch gives also realistic results of 3D. You can compare the results very good with calculated games.

How it is in real life? ca. 3 goals in one game in 42 years.
  • Better passing abilities and ball control
  • The defense is better than original
  • Rare dummy goals
  • Playing direction changed so that also back playing is favoured
  • More differences at the abilities of players
  • Reorganisation of cards and fouls. The same for injuries
  • Speed differences more than in original settings.
  • The view changed. Especially lense angle changed that you can see more with a better look.
  • Better goalie abilities. Much better than with original settings..
  • The game speed is slower than original
  • Energy drop during the 3D game is reduced now. As with version 10 drop of fitness or energy is also reduced after the match, that your players can play more matches during the week. Important in leagues with many matches during the season like in England for example.
    New Version III features:
    - Keepers became better. Especially in holding hard shoots. Your keeper is able to hold even very hard shoots now.
    - Healing duration of hard injuries reduced now.
    - Better passing and dribbling.
    - Shooting and passing power reduced and depends from the abilities of your players. Good player can shoot and pass harder.
    - offside trap works better now. Defend and clearance became better, so that you will have less bugs in defence.
    - gameplay looks better with version 3.
    - home adventage increased
    - corrected 19.11.2009 cause of crosses which didn't work and many bugs.

More downloads you can find here with all versions of gepardpatch.
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